Reiki Healing is an energy exchange between the provider and the recipient. The provider has been attuned to Reiki energy and shares the energy in a session with the recipient. A live session is often referred to as healing touch because the providers hands are used as a source to direct energy to the recipient. The recipient is fully clothed in a safe, loving, and healing environment. 

Benefits of Reiki May Include
• Relief from Anxiety and Stress
• Relief from Pain
• Feeling more Focused
• Feeling Grounded

Reiki Healing with Kandy offers Reiki sessions in our healing room at Sacred Space Bellingham. The session may include crystal therapy, chakra balancing, essential oils, or singing bowls. We will discuss your desires prior to beginning the session. 

Cost: $50 (45mins), payment due at time of appointment
If you would like to schedule a Reiki Healing Session with Kandy, email or call 360-990-4142.

Read this article if you still have questions about what to expect during a Live Reiki Healing session.